Robin Donovan

independent science journalist —

Welcome! I'm an award-winning writer and editor with experience covering medicine, science, technology and design for lay and specialized audiences. I'm currently writing about water, conservation, animals, and the future of human health (think psychedelics).

Nice to meet you.

Working with a writer should be easy — and result in content that comes in on time, every time. Honesty, kindness and emotional intelligence are values that guide my approach.

As a journalist, I share stories that build curiosity and care for the world around us. I also help leaders of values-driven organizations with world-changing missions with communications and strategy.

After 10 years as an editor-in-chief, I turned back to science writing after reassessing my goals during pandemic lockdowns.

Messy, mossy Portland is home these days. When not writing and editing, I am active among communities of ice swimmers, triathletes, sailors and free divers in Oregon, and consume an overabundance of gummy candy under the guise of workout fuel.

Need multimedia? I offer live and recorded moderation for one-on-one interviews, moderated panels and webinars.

Panel moderation

Interviewing + multimedia editing

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